What is Captain cash loans all about?

We are a South-African based online cash loans information, comparison, and review directory aimed at helping you make applying for a cash loan as hassle-free and as fast as possible, by:

1. providing you with a platform to compare cash loans, side-by-side, to see which one suits your specific needs better
2. providing you with a platform where you’ll find tons of community-based reviews on all cash loans/providers, to assist you in making trusted decisions regarding a specific provider
3. instantly connecting you to the most reliable, most reputable, NCR-registered cash loan providers and their loan applications (no detours!)

Is it free to use your service?

Yes! It is 100% free to use this site, to find current information, compare, review, and apply for these available cash loans

What are the general basic requirements for these cash loans?

Be permanently employed
Valid South African bank account, ID, and mobile number
Aged 18 and older

Who are these cash loans available to?

Anyone living in South Africa

How to review a loan provider?

Each individual cash loans provider listed here has a “Reviews” section!

To share your own review of the specific cash loan provider, follow these steps:


Your review will become visible as soon as it has been moderated by an admin

How to compare several cash loan providers?

From the loan comparison screen, here: http://captaincashloans.co.za/compare-cash-loans/:

1. Click the “Compare this loan” button on ALL the cash loans you’d like to see a side-by-side comparison for:

2. Once you’ve selected all the loans you’d like to compare, go ahead and click “view comparison” button:


The comparison of your selected cash loans will now open 🙂

How to apply for a cash loan from one of the lenders on your site?

See here: How to apply?